Digging for Roots: Rooted mirror

Weekly Writing Challenge

The man in the mirror

was looking out for himself.

The man he looked back at,

Was searching for his soul.

Rooted in reality,

Rooted in history.

Separated by geography.

Land masses across.

Would he have to wait for another continental drift?

—Linus Fernandes.

English: Up-rooted tree

English: Up-rooted tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Overheard: Trick, no treat

Weekly Writing Challenge

What would life be without overheard conversations?

Boring, stilted, mundane.

Eavesdropping on private conversations makes us privy to secrets we would never usually have access to.

 But it also makes us nosy-parkers, especially when word of our leaked accounts of indiscretions, past or present, gets back to the originators.

And then, the tables are turned. 

The smart ones play “spy against spy” making the prying ones unreliable sources of gossip for the community.

It’s simply “tricking the tricksters (or is that ‘tracksters’?)”

Chaplin-A Conversation Overheard

Chaplin-A Conversation Overheard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)