For All The Times!

Tales For You And Me. Of You And Me. A mini-epic poem in free verse.

Disclaimer: The characters are fictional. Any resemblance to any person(s), dead or alive, is purely coincidental. The piece is a work of fiction and is the writer’s creation.

Magic For Maya

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The coin rattles across the street,

It teeters at Maya’s feet,

as though by magic!

It was enough

for a cup of tea.

The tea-seller is unhappy.

His inventory is stale.

He throws in a cup-cake!

Gratis! For free!

The tea is fine

Better than most times.

And the cup-cake is saccharine!

Maya’s sweet tooth is sated by it.

Low-calorie tea!

How high society!” she thinks.

It is the best of times!

No Gym, Jim!


Jim’s steps are heavy,

Its been a weary day!

His boss was at his stomping best!

His laughing child yanks the door open.

The fees are due”, his wife tells Jim,

He has just enough,

For the fees.

Not for the new shoes he needs!

He’ll make do!

Jim’s now walks every evening,

From the station to home.

The exercise does him good!

Saves on doctor’s bills!

It is the best of times!

Burnt Ravi Is Blown!


Its the little, tiny things,

That Ravi’s so grateful for!

The small joys!

He’s burnt the big notes on the market!

Its his third trip to the cobbler!

And the same mocassins to be repaired!

Style is temporary!

Class is permanent!

He consoles himself!

He’s been skimping and saving,

To buy that snazzy watch!

The carburetor blows!

He’ll buy the watch next year!

It is the best of times!


Tim & May Do!

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It’s just not on the cards,” Tim says.

The wedding’s off!

But we can still live on love and fresh air”,

with a glint in his eye.

May replies, “Yes, we can forget about saving”

And have a little, nay, loads of fun

Its the now and here that counts.”

Its now 3 months,

Since Tim last had a tete-a-tete with his wife,May.

She’s working the night-shift;

So all’s well that ends well, is it?

It is the best of times!

Shyam Reminisces!


Shyam’s back aches!

It’s all those extra home-deliveries!

The customers and their orders have shrunk.

But not the large grocery deliveries.

But the cart and Shyam survive!

Shyam’s cash ‘n’ carry is pushed

a bit farther every day.

Fresh customers for fresh vegetables

Can still be found.

Shyam reminisces about being the milkman.

He was known to all;

He had a certain standing.

In this age of tetra-paks,

His job was also well-packed.

It is the best of times!

Chloe Wishes!

Chloe wishes she had the time.

She’s working multiple jobs

Her lad can still afford private tuition!

From working to cooking to working,

Just no time for sleeping;

What’s the crowded seat on the train for, anyway?

Chloe hears her neighbor yell “Wake up!”

The station’s here.

Get off or you’ll be going back home”.

Chloe wishes she were!

It is the best of times!

Sam’s Sessions!


Sam and his pupil are busy;

It’s his student’s third session;

Business has been slow;

He usually has 5 – 6 students at a time.

So what’s the world come to?

There was a time when the Queen’s English opened all doors!

Now I can barely sight a porthole;

And my students can’t either, it seems!”

Yes, Sam was a Better English teacher!

It is the best of times!

Satish’s Gold!


Satish is very, very busy!

Work has piled up like crazy!

It’s suddenly apparent

That the cobbler is

worth his weight in gold!

And doesn’t Satish realize it!

With all the savings he’s accumulated,

He can afford and is buying a Nano!

It is the best of times!

And so it is,

Stories of men and women

Their lives, their dreams, their heart-aches

We live, We eat, We sleep, We die!

We love! Oh! We live to love!

And so it is, that the best

Is yet to come!

And so it is,

The best times are here! The best times are now!

And ,we dream! Oh! How we dream! We dream to love, of love, of peace, of joy!

For time is what we make it!

Life is what we make it!

Our lives are our time!

Make the best of them!


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