How personnel perceive the employee evaluation (Humour)

Guide to Performance Appraisal

Performance Factors

Excellent (1 out of 15)

Very Good (3 out of 15)

Good (8 out of 15)

Fair (2 out of 15)

Unsatisfactory (1 out of 15)

Far Exceeds Job Requirements

Exceeds Job Requirements

Meets Job Requirements

Needs some improvement

Does not meet minimum standards


Leaps tall buildings with a single bound

Must take running start to leap over tall building

Can only leap over a short building or medium one without spires

Crashes into building

Cannot recognize buildings


Is faster than a speeding bullet

Is as fast as a speeding bullet

Not quite as fast as a speeding bullet

Would you believe a slow bullet?

Wounds himself with the bullet


Is stronger than a locomotive

Is stronger than a bull elephant

Is stronger than a bull

Shoots the bull

Smells like a bull


Walks on water consistently

Walks on water in emergencies

Washes with water

Drinks water

Passes water in emergencies


Talks with God

Talks with angels

Talks to himself

Argues with himself

Loses the argument with himself

Source: Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling by Harold R Kerzner (11th Edition).