Random Poetry

A American Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua),...

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Trampled grass

Squishy soil

Red earth on shoes.

The carpet absorbs it all.

I walk in, barefoot.


Free fall
Winter nears
Fading leaves
Colors of dawn
The inviting dusk
beckoning into the dark night.


Cherry blossoms
Japanese spring
A click and a ring;
The chimes of tones
City life , gardens fusion!


Seasonal changes,
falling leaves.
autumn dawns, the chill bites.
Do you have winter clothes yet, dear?


Crumbling walls,
sheer grit,
love, the binding force.


– Linus Fernandes

Butterflies and bees

A little bit of this,

a little bit of that,

a little more of this, a little more of that,

you float like a butterfly

and steal like a bee!

A little bit of this,

a little bit of that,

a little more of this, a little more of that,

you bloat like a balloon,

and puncture like one too!

A little bit of this,

a little bit of that,

a little more of this, a little more of that,

you have no lines or lies to add,

And I have none too!

– Linus Fernandes

Have a great day!

A Question Of Intrusion

And you barge back into my life

and tell me how to live my life

and do all the things that I should have done

and you say you’ve changed ,

the years have left its mark,

and you’re different now!

But don’t you think,

that I am too?

Don’t you think you’re intruding? Too!

– Linus Fernandes


low-ball effect

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A world run riot not with color but anger.

A yell dots the air and yet another intersects it

before the reverberations of it’s echo have died down.

And your world seems a different one, an unreal one,

a faraway one, a dream one.

I dare not comment, I will not comment.

For nothing is what it seems.

And though I lived there once, I feel a million realities weighing me down.

I cannot convey the infantilism that surrounds.

And it is not infallibility that is in doubt.

The sureness of hate has no time for doubt.

                                                              – Linus Fernandes

The World Will Not Wait

The world will not wait,

however much you wish,

however much you hope,

however much you try,

however much you cry.

Just as day turns into night and night into day,

the circle of life churns on,

mocking the futility of counting time.

Time can never be kept, just as time cannot keep you,

it’s just grasping sand, and it slowly, surely oozes away.

And so it is , just as time is never enough,

The world is not enough!

– Linus Fernandes

Starting a New Business


Mr. Fix-It Ltd.

We treat your homes like our own!

Linus Fernandes/Kalliroi Patsali/Giorgos Elia/Petros Loizou


Confidentiality Agreement

The undersigned reader agrees that the information provided in this document is confidential and any disclosure of any information contained within, intentional or otherwise, may cause serious harm or damage to Messrs Linus Fernandes, Kalliroi Patsali, Giorgos Elia and Petros Loizou.

The reader is bound not to disclose this information without the written express consent of the above listed Messrs.

Upon request, this document is to be returned to :

Linus Fernandes/Kalliroi Patsali/Giorgos Elia/Petros Loizou.




Name (Typed or Printed)



This is a business plan. It does not imply any offerings.

Information of key contact person

Name: Linus Fernandes

E-mail: xxxxxxxxxx

Address: Cyprus International Institute of Management

21 Akademias Avenue

P.O Box 20378

2151 Aglandjia

Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: +357 22462246

Fax: +357 22331121

Mobile number:

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Competitive Analysis

Eset Mobile Antivirus

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My individual project on Competitive Analysis for an Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Anti-Virus Software specifically ESET’s NOD32.

The company is a Cyprus based reseller named ADAOX.

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