Wronged Objects: Things Indeed

If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

The Daily Prompt.

Furniture, appliances and other things,

That I treated with disdain

For being inanimate objects,

Though some appliances sometimes have a life of their own.

For all the rough treatment, 

I’ve meted out,

I say “Sorry”,

Especially the couch.

—Linus Fernandes.

Small appliances

Small appliances (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doppelgänger Alert: Mimicry artistes

You step into an acquaintance’s house for the first time, and discover that everything — from the furniture, to the books, to the art on the wall — is identical to your home. What happens next?

(Thanks for an intriguing prompt idea, Lourdes Mint!)


It is a strange coincidence indeed,

that the situation you describe

in your daily prompt

has actually occurred with me.

I kid you not.

The furniture, the books and the chart on the wall,

They were exactly the same as mine.

How could it be?

T’was student digs, my friend.

But it did not faze me.

What got my goat

(And concerned everyone else)

Is when the said inhabitants.

Started to mockingly mimic me,

And no, it was not pleasant to me.

—Linus Fernandes.