The ‘New Americans’

There are some who would like to believe that in the new age of a power shift from the Western nations to the East namely India and China, India can claim the mantle of being the ‘new America’.

Though that’s very much in the realm of possibility, being the ‘new America’ is not driving on the right-hand side of the road. Besides the US of A,  162  other countries drive on that side of the road. None of them claim to be the ‘new America’ solely on that basis. In fact, the majority of the world  drives on the right. It is the minority (76) including the UK and India that prefer the left-hand drive—a colonial hangover.

Kindly clean up your doggie-poo when walking your dog. ‘Civil Americans’ are not allowed to do that. They are fined.

Copying Hollywood movie plots in Bollywood, Mollywood and Tollywood does not qualify either.

Bolshoi The Boxer Takes On A Cat (Satire)


My dog, Bolshoi the Boxer walked in through the door, looking all frazzled, scratched,cut and torn.

“Look what the cat dragged in.” I said, pointing to him.

Bolshoi glowered at me but made no reply.

“Cat got your tongue?” I teased.

Bolshoi growled at me and started washing himself in the small tub that serves as a basin.

“Why don’t you let the cat out of the bag and tell me what’s bothering you?”

I am as curious as a cat sometimes.

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