Wake up and smell the old people!

Deutsch: Chow mein. Español: Chow mein. 한국어: 차...

Deutsch: Chow mein. Español: Chow mein. 한국어: 차우멘. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Chow mein. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s been a strange week. A Haryanvi khap leader went on national television to declare that rapes were caused by chow mein, a conclusion he arrived at via the scientific method of being dropped on the head as an inbred baby. At the other end of the scientific spectrum, a man jumped from the edge



of space and landed, as expected, in an ocean of lingerie. But most important, while all of this was happening, I discovered that I’d almost turned 40.


That’s because I came across a recent survey, which claimed that 28 was the new 40. A thousand men and women were polled to find out when they thought youth ended, and the age they agreed upon was 28.  (Of course, this doesn’t apply to Rekha, a woman who looks like she is held together solely by make-up.)


Age is a real talking point amongst us 20-somethings, because we’re self-absorbed babies; only in our 20s do we start realising that playtime is over, and it’s time to man up. Unless our name is Rahul Gandhi. The survey also asked respondents to identify the top 10 changes in behaviour that signal the end of youth. Listed below are some of those responses, in no particular order. Feel free to check which ones apply to you, and in true 20s fashion, proceed to the nearest bar regardless of your score.


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IRace Results

The Main Road in IIT Bombay

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The IRace results were declared last weekend.

According to the rankings, I performed at 39% of my capacity; the rankings are adjusted for age,height and weight.

Tell me something I don’t know!

I am publishing the email sent out by the race coordinator to race participants.


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IIT Bombay – IRace Aug 1, 2010

IIT Bombay Logo

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I ran my first 10 km race (the IRace) on the 1st of August, 2010 at the IIT Bombay campus at Powai. Running after almost 2 months , I decided not to push myself too much.

However,I was confident I could last the course. But the last 1 km stretch was killing on the feet. 1 hour 35 minutes on a course that was not all flat terrain is not bad ,says I, especially since I have run 10 kms just 2 –3 times in training and not quite recently. The time, incidentally, is the longest period I have run so far. Overall, a satisfying outing for me.

The organizers did a great job. A big Thank YOU!

PS: I would especially like to thank the b*****s yelling ‘Give Up’ throughout the course.Also, the security personnel for acting clueless as to what’s going on and where! (sarcastic note).

Life isn’t about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away. Anonymous

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What Is Sleep? – Opinionator Blog – NYTimes.com

“All we know is that we need sleep. Our survival probably depends on it. If you keep rats awake, they die within two to four weeks. Of course, in order to prevent the poor creatures from sleeping, the scientists have to make it impossible for them to drop off, and some have questioned whether the animals die of stress rather than sleep deprivation. Fruit flies and cockroaches also perish when kept awake.”

So, what is sleep? Find out more …

What Is Sleep? – Opinionator Blog – NYTimes.com

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Six Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

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Six Ways To Boost Your Brain Power – Without Drugs

  • Exercise it. Physical exercise is the best thing you can do for your brain.
  • Feed it Fat. Our brains are mostly fat and the brain needs fat for fuel. But feed your brain good fats like Omega-3’s, nuts and seeds.
  • Stimulate it. To do this you must learn something new and hard. The easy stuff doesn’t get your neurons firing.
  • Play with it. Play is very important for brain health. From video games, board games, cards and surfing the net.
  • Serenade it. Music can enhance moods and better sleep and lower blood pressure. Of course, make sure you listen to classical, jazz and other soft sounds – and not thrash-metal [at least not right before bed or a meeting in which you need to maintain your cool].
  • Meditate it. Meditation boosts brain functioning as well as the immune system. So get your Ohm on.


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Three Angles To Cardio-Vascular Training

Young healthy couple in swimsuits wade in the ...

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I like this post and I prefer fartlek since I am not much into weights now!

Have a great week!