Don Bosco: Honey

“I’d like you to learn how to make honey as the bees do. Do you know how they go about it? First, they do not act independently, each on its own, but as a team under the direction of a queen bee, whom they obey in every detail. Secondly, they go from flower to flower to extract nectar, and only nectar. …Honey is an image of all good things which stem from piety, diligence, and cheerfulness. These three things will bring you immeasurable joy, sweet as honey. But you must imitate the bees. First, obey the queen, which in your case means the house rules and your superiors. Without obedience there is chaos and discontent and nothing will be right. [Secondly,] you must also imitate the bees in choosing only what is good and discarding the rest. Each of you must find what is best in his companions and then try to imitate then in that. What must be done is to say determinedly: I want to make that virtue my own.”
~Don Bosco.

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