Ice, Water, Steam: Form-idable

English: H 2 O (a water molecule)

English: H 2 O (a water molecule) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be nothing but water,

Still, yet deep.

Flowing, crashing downhill.

To be calm, serene,

And yet capable of being a raging torrent.

Ice, so hard, and yet so brittle.

Ice that melts when given the right amount of warmth and heat.

Vapour or steam,

That can scald your skin so harsh,

And un-drape your veins so very easily.

H2O, in all three forms,

So strong, so different, yet the same.

So peaceful and yet so malevolent.

So beautiful and yet ugly.

So like man and his nature.

So like nature and her fury.

So like H2O.

—Linus Fernandes.