Medium: A fresh platform

Dear Readers:

I have discovered a brand new platform, Medium, to host my posts.

For starters, I have begun posting articles from my secondary blog, Make Time For Sports, at the site. The initial posts are identical in style and content to the originals but I have since decided to combine five to six posts in a digest-like format and publish them on the platform.

Thus, you can expect a lag from the time they are published on my site and on Medium. If, of course, you cannot wait, you are welcome to visit my blog and catch them earlier.

Medium’s editor is markedly different, very minimalistic and unobtrusive. Once you learn to use it, you will fall in love with it. I did.

Medium, like WordPress, provides the functionality of sharing your draft with whoever you wish to seek input or feedback from.  [Not that I have used the functionality, yet, but I am more than willing to, if someone (anyone) will put up his or her hand.]

This , for now, is all my experience with Medium.

Do not forget to visit my posts there.

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