Ready, Set, Done: Ten Minutes

English: Ready for Take-Off These two were pre...

English: Ready for Take-Off These two were preparing to fly off. The one on the right extended its wings for one or two minutes and kept them there without flapping before it took to the air. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

(Thanks for letting me steal your great idea, Andrea!)

If I had ten minutes,
In which to pen a post,
I wonder what I’d write,
Or if I’d even think,
Would I just let the words run along,
Or would my ink run dry,
The well of thought,
Is it so deep,
To continue without pause,
Without a search for substance,
Is it all that I seek now,
To go with the flow,
For the moment.
To let the fingers decide,
What my unconscious has me spill out,
Without bothering with rhyme or reason,
Is this the writing season?
For I have words,
And they are plenty,
But they feel empty,
Without something tangible done to back them up.
What’s not to know,
What’s not to do,
Would you acknowledge the need,
For something more deep?
I have seven minutes to go,
And I feel I have already tired,
What , is the spirit so weary?
Nay. say not, for I dare not tarry.
It is the soul.
That’s on a roll.
I wish this were a pill,
That I could pop a day,
And all would be well,
May it be but a mere placebo.
The time to be silent,
Is nearing.
But until then,
Let the patter reign.
For when the wise men descend,
From their lofty tops,
The life that’s theirs,
All the others crave.
And yet, the harsh terms extorted,
Are shrunk from.
Nothing’s easy,
Not even the silence that wells.
I have but admiration,
For pithy verse,
A ditty,
That could be pranced to.
But let’s not dither here,
It’s time to end this thither.
For all mad things come to an end,
And this one is just round the bend.
—Linus Fernandes.