Handwriting or typing: Bound by words

Which method of writing do you prefer, handwriting or typing? There’s no word limit for this post, however you are going to have choose which one you prefer and why you don’t like the other method.

What do I prefer, handwriting or typing?

Handwriting has been around for a long time. And, yes, I began writing by hand.

But handwriting is so much slower and inefficient. I have to transcribe essays once more to digitize and publish.

Handwriting is convenient—all you need is pen/pencil and paper and you’re all set!

But in these times, it probably makes sense to use phone apps such as Evernote to type into as an idea strikes you. This also prevents re-typing.


Evernote (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Handwriting is slower but despite no spell-check facilities,the thought process is so much clearer. Additionally,  I commit fewer or no typos while composing. The words flow out just right and I’m quite happy with what’s being produced.

Typing—for me—is a laborious process. I never learned typing and hence a number of spelling errors (ugh, those typos!) creep in. If not corrected in time, a post can look pretty lame with all those glaring aberrations.

Each method has its pros and cons.

It’s all about what’s handy at the moment.

English: Gandhi's handwriting (Letter to J. Ne...

English: Gandhi’s handwriting (Letter to J. Nehru, 30 September 1925). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)