Feeding Feeders

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • Here’s What They Say
  • Give a man a fish
  • You feed him for a day
  • Teach him to fish
  • He feeds himself, always
  • In this, I am a firm believer
  • It is not my desire
  • To just add fodder to the fire
  • To digest disciples
  • But feed Feeders
  • Not to first step followers
  • But to enlighten leaders
  • We have too many
  • Feet stepping in foot prints
  • Not enough first feet
  • Per square inch
  • Just let the wind blow
  • Off chasing in that direction
  • The hordes will go
  • Here, no, there
  • Only to find Utopia
  • In an empty stare
  • We have enough furnaces blasting hot air
  • We need more Icons who know
  • And how to get there
  • And makeothers go
  • There are plenty of idiot idols
  • Who can put on a show
  • Yet, too few teaching
  • Principles and knowledge
  • Allowing the hoi polloi to grow
  • With this technology reaching
  • Places so…

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