Negative Thoughts? Put Them to Good Use

Research centers and laboratories at the Unive...

Research centers and laboratories at the University of California, Berkeley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ignore all those motivational speakers that say you need to stay positive to be successful. Turns out, those with a more pessimistic outlook have certain advantages.


Daily affirmations, appreciation, and a generally positive outlook are the usual prescriptions for success, according to a small army of self-help experts.


Bah humbug! where does that leave the significant proportion of the population that naturally tends towards a darker frame of mind? If you’re an inveterate worrier or bit of a pessimist are you out of luck when it comes to success?


Not at all, according to University of California at Berkeley‘s Greater Good Science Center, which studies happiness and well-being.


“A growing body of research suggests that negative thinking, if strategically pursued, has a role to play in happiness, too,” reports Oliver Burkeman in the Center’s newsletter. He goes on to suggest several ways you can put your tendency towards gloom to productive use.


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