Den of vipers

This is a picture I took 7 days after having B...

This is a picture I took 7 days after having Bilateral Inguinal Hernia Surgey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This week we start our discussion with a riddle:


Q: What is the difference between an inguinal hernia and Citibank customer service?


A: One is a crippling ailment that makes you want to kill yourself to somehow stop the pain and misery. And the other is an inguinal hernia.


Therefore, you will forgive me for having tremendous feelings of schadenfreude whenever something bad happens to Citibank. Every time I read a headline such as: “Citibank to lay off several million employees as part of restructuring efforts” my heart leaps for joy hoping that these millions include everybody in their Indian operations.


Mind you, this is nothing personal. I am sure most of the people working for Citibank in India are perfectly harmless, hardworking types. So, if you feel outraged by my blanket hatred, feel free to call on my phone number, enter your TPin, followed by the square root of your QPin. Sorry, all our columnists are busy. Your estimated wait time is “Ha ha. Go die.”



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