HR Rep of the future

Human resources team works to improve customer...

Human resources team works to improve customer service (Photo credit: USACEpublicaffairs)


The other day I was talking about this column to an acquaintance. I was telling them about the various themes that we dwell upon—offices, policies, co-workers, human resource (HR) departments, Sodexo passes—and the conversations that this leads to amongst readers—“He gets paid to write this every week?”


“So you don’t like human resources departments is it?” the acquaintance asked me.


“I think they are a pox upon this planet. A bubonic plague upon the heart and soul of the modern workplace. My dislike for them runs deeply indeed.”


“So, who will do their job then? You tell me! You hate them so much. But do you have a viable alternative?”


Suddenly my acquaintance was sounding quite passive aggressive. Or, indeed, aggressive. “I haven’t thought about that,” I said fearfully. “I will do so at the earliest opportunity.”


“You better, boy. Because I used to handle HR myself. And I thought I did a damn good job.”



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