3 Reasons Good Strategies Fail



strategy (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

So that great new strategy failed miserably. But there might not be anything wrong with the strategy. Take another look.

Often times a perfectly fine strategy is implemented, but rather than giving it time to show results, the postmortems begin almost immediately.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of realizing that a highly prized, hard-fought-for, innovative strategy has gone south.

You know the pattern: Hopeful execution is followed by poor results; then there’s an initial period of denial, after which you double down on execution; then comes the pang of recognition that this just ain’t gonna work; and finally the painful process of unraveling from what you now accept was a flawed strategy to begin with.

Sound familiar? I see this pattern repeat frequently in the leadership teams I work with, but I’ve also noticed something else. Around two-thirds of the time, there’s nothing actually wrong with the strategy itself.

The core problem lies elsewhere.

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