6 Signs That It’s Time to Resign a Client

Not sure if your client relationship is on the skids. Here are six signs that it may be time to part ways.


Though all client/agency relationships will have highs and lows, it is important to maintain a mutual respect and understanding during the good times and bad. This is typically accomplished through good communication, clearly defined deliverables, and a complete understanding of budgets. However, even when an agency covers all of these bases, a difficult client’s actions can have a deleterious effect on the relationship. When you’ve tried everything and still feel like you’re getting nowhere, it might be appropriate to ask yourself, “Is it time to resign the account?”

Here are six signs that your client relationship might be on the skids. If plagued by one or more of them, it might be time to shake hands and part ways.

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Thin Client

Thin Client (Photo credit: ryan2point0)