Dos and Don’ts of Working With Tech Talent


The CEO of a site that matches business owners with tech talent shares his tips on working well with with talented engineers and coders.


Your company needs a Web product or application built–but you don’t know the first thing about technology. It’s time to hire a developer to turn your great business idea into reality, but how can someone like you with limited-to-non-existent technical abilities make sure your project is managed well and comes in on budget and on time?

Manuel Medina can help. He’s a TechStars alum and the current CEO of GroupTalent, a site that matches top tier U.S. tech talent with time to spare with owners of projects in need of freelance coders. From his perch atop the company, Medina has had plenty of opportunity to observe what works when it comes to hiring and managing tech talent–and what doesn’t. He offered a few tips.

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