Don’t Just Buy Local, Buy Personal


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English: business,accounts,accountant,office,boss,manager,money,finance,profit,staff,employ,money,it,pc,internet,computer,it,broadband,chip,software,hardware,hr,interview,research,marketing,pr,advertising,ad,advert,selling,sales,target,budget hr,interview,business,office,boss,finance,profit,staff,employ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A small business near me closed down. I feel terrible because it’s partly my fault.


Every entrepreneur has big dreams. Many have small budgets, though, so they do the best they can.


They hope for great word of mouth since they have no marketing budget. They hope quality and service will turn an otherwise terrible location into a destination. They have passion and desire in abundance, and hope hard work and persistence will overcome any roadblocks.


In short, they hope.


And every day, people like me crush their hopes.


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