Who’s Your Leadership Pit Crew?

English: Pitstop underway for Fernando Alonso ...

English: Pitstop underway for Fernando Alonso at 2008 Chinese Grand Prix Français : Arrêt de Fernando Alonso au puits de ravitaillement lors du Grand Prix automobile de Chine 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who most serves as your leadership pit crew?

How have they made a difference in your leadership?

When is the last time you really thanked them?

Support Makes a Difference

Last weekend, my friend Julie and I (along with our three, 6 year olds) had an opportunity to serve as cheering squad and pit crew for our husbands competing in the Wisconsin Ironman, 140.6 mile swim, bike and run.   It’s impressive to watch the endurance and perseverance of these athletes on this important day, after so many long hours of training.  I have deep respect and salute all the finishers.  Equally impressive was the long line of limping athletes waiting to sign up for next year’s competition.

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