It’s just a job, isn’t it?

I have always been under the impression that there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who hate their jobs and those who love it. (Of course, there are people with no jobs whatsoever. But why make fun of them and fall foul of sedition laws no?)

Now, on the basis of months of meticulous research—mostly in the form of eavesdropping on conversations in trains and coffee shops—I can safely hypothesize that the number of people who actively dislike their jobs vastly outnumber the ones who enjoy their work.
Yes I know what you’re thinking. And I have adjusted my data for that peculiar social tendency: people are wary of admitting that they like their jobs. Especially without prompting. This is considered bad etiquette. Much like saying things like “Inflation is a problem, but frankly I make too much money to care.”, or, “Wow. This is your new baby? Congrats! I can see why you haven’t posted any pictures on Facebook.”
Social norms keep the number of self-confessed job-lovers low.
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