R Grammar Gaffes Ruining The Language? Maybe Not


Good grammar may have came and went.

Maybe you’ve winced at the decline of the past participle. Or folks writing and saying “he had sank” and “she would have went.” Perhaps it was the singer Gotye going on about “Somebody That I Used to Know” instead of “Somebody Whom I Used to Know.” Or any of a number of other tramplings of traditional grammar — rules that have been force-fed to American schoolchildren for decades — in popular parlance and prose.

You can find countless examples of poor construction in the news, like this report from a radio station’s website about a thief who “had ran out of gas” or this Fox News item about a dog owner who said “her dog had ran away” or this gossipy blog post about actress Demi Moore and her daughter, Rumer, “when her and Rumer attended the Friends Cinema for Peace event in Los Angeles and posed for photos on the red carpet!”

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