Breaking the glasses ceiling

DIY Glasses

DIY Glasses (Photo credit: bre pettis)

Kids think it’s not cool to wear spectacles. Some students developing a plan to make eyeglasses more acceptable hope to change that.

The ‘Spectacular Man’ doesn’t spin a web, haveBatmobile or killer laser beams. He just whips out his glasses, probably Rajini-style , to unleash his superpowers. It’s what he aspires to do that sets him apart from other superheroes – he wants to encourage the use of spectacles by kids who need to wear them and to sensitise others on the issue.

The quirky superhero computer game is the brainchild of RiteSight, a young team of students. They are competing in a challenge set by NGO Sightsavers and Financial Times of London to develop a plan to make glasses acceptable and accessible to children or young people in Africa/ Asia. Aaron Basaiawmoit, a Young India Fellow and member of RiteSight, says, “When children play games, they don’t discriminate between the bespectacled ones and those without glasses. Our idea is to use games to develop better understanding between them.”

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