No performance anxiety, Sachin?



TEST CRICKET AT THE SCG (Photo credit: RubyGoes)


Dear Sachin,
What the heck are you doing, man, playing in silly Tests against New Zealand when your skills are so badly needed in the Rajya Sabha? Who watches a Test match against New Zealand these days when far more interesting and exciting matches are being played every day in Parliament?


Did you see that fantastic bouncer Arun Jaitley sent down to Chidambaram the other day? The man has been bowling brilliantly, he’s even better than Ashwin. The crowd has been completely bowled over by his balls.


It was also a treat to watch Manmohan Singh play a captain’s knock. Singh’s only claim to fame has so far been to occupy the crease, so his shots took everybody by surprise. I guess he had no option as the Opposition was playing bodyline against him. The poor guy had ultimately to retire hurt to Iran. Singh’s forte actually lies in bowling, where his Invisible Hand can deliver a mean googly.


You must come and watch the ladies play, they’re a sight for sore eyes.


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