How to be a Leader in a Crappy Culture


Fierce Leadership (Sketchnotes)

Fierce Leadership (Sketchnotes) (Photo credit: murdocke23)


It’s easy to be a great leader in a company that values leadership, develops leaders, and is full of role model leaders to earn from.

You’ve seen the lists:

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These companies, while not perfect, tend to have great hiring and promotional practices, and invest in succession planning and leadership development. If you somehow slipped through the dragnet and got hired or promoted as a lousy manager, the cultural antibodies would eventually find and dispose of you.

However….what about the rest of us? What about those aspiring wannbe leaders that happen to work at one of the other organizations that don’t make the leadership honor role? Is it impossible to develop into a great leader, and to BE a leader, in a bad company with a crappy culture?

I’d say difficult, yes, but impossible, absolutely not!


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