Dell Hell : CSAs treat us like blithering idiots

Dell Inspiron 9300 - tag


My Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop first froze and then failed to reboot on the 21st of September, 2011.

On calling Dell Customer Service and running diagnostic tests, I was informed that my system’s motherboard was faulty and would have to be replaced.

I was then asked to renew my warranty since it had lapsed. I did and was charged a sum of Rs. 14, 500 that included the renewal fee and a service incident and parts charge. However, despite repeated calls, I was not attended to by any Dell CSAs nor was there any engineer sent to my residence to service and replace the parts.

Finally, on the 29th of September, 2011, (after posting a couple of uncomplimentary remarks publicly on Facebook), there was a response;an engineer and parts were dispatched.

The engineer (Mayuresh of Wipro),  discovered that the problem was with a dust-covered RAM chip; surprisingly the inner one—under the keyboard. 

Mayuresh replaced the RAM.
The other dispatched parts were sent back.
Now, what I’d like to know from Dell is why did it take them almost a week to service my machine?
Also, why a service incident charge, exorbitantly high so much that it covers half the paid sum?
Now, although my laptop was similarly not under warranty once before, I was only charged the warranty charge (the full charge though, not the renewal charge)  for replacing a faulty keyboard.
I have corresponded with Dell Computer Service regarding a partial refund—in vain.
There has been a lackadaiscal response and I am afraid that if I speak to them orally , the conversation will end in a shouting match.

Why did I have to speak to 10 CSAs to get my problem resolved? Do I have to post all grievances publicly to achieve the desired response?