43% girls in Mumbai downtown smoke

A report in the Daily News and Analysis (DNA) states that a survey conducted by the Cancer Patient Aid and Association (CPAA) discovered that 43% of girls smoke in the city against 18% in the suburbs. The survey was conducted among 15,000 students aged 18-22.

Addiction to the cancer stick begins as early as age 11. 12% of girls smoke to lose weight. 26% smoke for fun, another 23% smoke because of peer pressure — their friends smoke too. Only 14% believe that smoking is a stress-buster.

What’s shocking is how the percentages of male and female smokers scarcely differ in the 18-22 age group. 59.02% male and 41.06 female.

Now, that I’ve done with the dry stats, have a quick dekko at these anti-smoking posters from the CPAA web-site.

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More posters here.

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