Do’s and Don’ts for Having a 360 Degree Assessment Development Discussion

Effective Feedback

Effective Feedback (Photo credit: teachandlearn)

A 360 degree assessment is a great way for a manager to get feedback on their strengths and development needs. As a follow-up, the recipient of this great feedback should review the data with their manager as a springboard to a development discussion.While this sounds like a good idea in theory, I’ve seen way too many managers screw it up. Here are some lessons learned, from both the perspective of the 360 participant, and their own manager (the “coach”).When you get a 360 assessment and are ready to discuss it with you manager, DO:1. Prepare for the discussion. Be ready to share your reactions, surprises, top 3 strengths, top 1-3 development needs and why2. Prepare a draft Individual Development Plan (IDP)3. Ask clarifying questions


Great Leadership: Do’s and Don’ts for Having a 360 Degree Assessment Development Discussion