Healing Envy

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling envy for what another has or does rather than feeling happy for them? “I have a question about envy. I’m not talking about jealousy but specifically envy and how to be happy for someone else’s good fortune. I feel like I have broke new ground on this issue as I have genuinely been able to feel happy for someone else recently who achieved something I hadn’t but only after going through some Inner Bonding because my first reaction was shock and envy and it upset my balance for a while. I felt like there was some competition going on in my mind. I don’t feel envy with friends in general but with my lovers I do. “It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it has to do with a sense of competition and the fear of not being good enough or a perceived lack of achievement in an area that I’m supposed to be good at. I suppose achieving certain things boosts my ego and also makes me look more attractive in order to get love when I’m with a partner. So, if I don’t get what I want I judge myself for not being better and I don’t feel safe. And of course it’s a vicious cycle and it makes me feel bad so when I realize that, I do an Inner Bonding process and discover that it doesn’t really matter if a partner is better or not at something and it doesn’t take away anything from me because I know who I really am. So I am able to feel happy for them and I feel more relaxed. The only thing is that this doesn’t come natural to me sometimes.”

Inner Bonding Healing Envy

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