Indian cricket: More cricketing mores

Sachin Tendulkar at Adelaide Oval

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The third one-day between India and Australia was rained off. A similar fate befell the first one-day at Kochi.

It just goes to show that cramming in a series in what’s usually the off-season requires detailed planning. Though we had a wonderful Test series, the fans and spectators were left short-changed by the washout of the two ODIs.

Rain, rain, go away, the Ozzies and Indies want to play!

The Australians are probably left a little shell-shocked by the way their curtailed tour of India turned out. A winless tour for a team of their calibre will rankle for a long time.

I don’t envy the Poms when they meet the kangaroos down under.

The Australians will be doubly motivated to move up the rankings and prove that their recent losses are just an aberration.


The reports that Suresh Raina was seen in the company of a woman with links to a illegal bookie during the Sri Lanka tour have been lambasted as baseless by the BCCI.

It is however learnt that the ICC are probing the BCCI inaction.

Perhaps, its time that the ICC got not just the players to sign an anti-corruption pledge but also the WAGS.

A tough screening process for prospective wives and girl-friends; is that next on the anvil?

Or maybe the cricket boards should double up as event managers?

Maybe, just maybe, the mentoring programme by the seniors such as Anil Kumble is not such a bad idea after all.


Much hullabaloo about the width of Tendulkar’s bat and the thick edges it has.

Tendulkar’s bat weighs 2lb 12oz. This is much lighter than the bat the former West Indian supremo used: 3 pounds, 4 ounces.

And Lloyd, the Super Cat, was a towering 6 ft 4 inches.

But we forget that it’s not the tools that maketh the player, but the player who enhances the tools.

Tendulkar would still be a genius; no matter, how light or heavy his willow.


It has still not been confirmed that some of the seniors will be taking off for South Africa after the India – New Zealand test series.

Just when we thought the BCCI had got its act together, we find that miscommunication is the norm once more.

When will the taciturn BCCI officials learn?


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