IPL’s Icelandic Connection: Lalit Modi plans a move?

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Lalit Modi intrigues us more and more.

It has been reported that the former IPL czar may be seeking residency in Iceland.

His wife, Minal is reported to be on first name terms with the Icelandic first lady, Dorrit Moussaieff.

Modi  – since his exit from the country purportedly fearing for his safety – seems to be having a whale of a time.

His trips over the past five months include the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco,Bali to celebrate his father’s birthday,the FIFA World Cup and a trip to Milan over the recent weekend.

No wonder, the ED wish to restrict his movements. He moves too much!

Iceland is not the only destination that Modi is considering for a residency permit. Panama is also on the list.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan Royals are still seeking a rapprochement with the BCCI and have requested a meeting with Shashank Manohar,the BCCI president.

The Royals claim that they have still to receive Rs. 40 crores from the BCCI as payment for IPL 2 and 3.

Several players have not yet received their payments from the franchisee in turn.

The Royals have assured the players that their contracts will be honoured and payments will be made in due course.

The BCCI seem to be under no compulsions to revoke the suspension of the two teams, Kings XI Punjab and IPL 2008 champions, Rajasthan Royals.

It is highly unlikely that Rajasthan Royals will receive preferential treatment over their Punjab XI counterparts.

Legal recourse seems the only route the two franchisees can take to resolve the issue.

The BCCI seem to be on strong footing there since the move to expel the teams was taken after due legal counsel.

But the man who could probably bring a swift end to all the recriminations, speculation and rumours about IPL 4 , Lalit Modi, is in no mood to oblige.

The squalls rage on!

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