Fourteen salutary quotes…

So You Want to Shoot a Rock and Roll Star

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

You may forget what you read. You rarely forget what you experience.

trust once lost is not easily regained.

What’s stranger? Convoluted thinking or convoluted doings?

You have to be happy with yourself before you think of being happy with someone else.

When you leave people to their own devices, don’t act surprised with the results.

When you purport to know something, there are people who will believe that you do know it.

What tickles your funny bone may vaporize mine!

purporting to represent someone without their permission or knowledge is presumptuous to say the least.

it is the fearful who terrorize others. .

There is no such thing as a single point of blame.

An idea not met with resistance may never be refined.

In every person is hidden a child who wants to play. ~ Harvey Ruben

Sometimes brain storming is not so much the bouncing of ideas but the ricocheting of them.

Writing is not so much a becoming naked in public as an emptying of oneself hoping that the experience refills us.