Gosling Unleashes on NET, IBM, Oracle & Others (Interview Quotes) – TheServerSide.com

Gosling Unleashes on NET, IBM, Oracle & Others (Interview Quotes) – TheServerSide.com.

James Gosling sat down and did a realy casual, off the cuff interview with the guys at basementcoders.com. You can head over to thier site to download the entire interview. We’ll have the transcript of the whole thing up post-haste. But if you don’t have the time to listen to the entire hour long interview, here are a few quotable gems that will tie you over until the complete transcript is up on TheServerSide.com:

A Few Quotes from the James Gosling Interview

Gosling on Oracle’s commitment to the Java Foundation (22:56): “I don’t know how to say it other than to say they were lying, duplicitous shits…Oracle is kind of a funny company because they take glory in that. They have no issues with being categorized that way. Some of their PR people might get a little uncomfortable with it, but up at the top, they deeply, deeply don’t give a shit.”

Gosling on IBM: “They’d do anything they can to screw Sun over. I mean, they didn’t name Eclipse casually. ”

Gosling on .NET (29:30): “Microsoft .NET just smears over a huge pile of Sun patents. When they did the .NET design, they basically cut and pasted from the Java spec…They exercised essentially no creativity when coming up with .NET”

Gosling on the sale of Sun to Oracle, as opposed to IBM or Google, etc): “Sun’s board was controlled by an extremely small number of institutional investors, and so it was really those institutional investors who were driving everything. The sale had nothing to do with the business or what would be good for the employees or any of that. It was totally a bunch of investment banks needing liquidity now. And they were looking for the best terms with the most certainty.”

Gosling on Oracle’s motivations (24:15): “With Oracle is doesn’t have to make sense. It just has to make money. It’s kinda the only game that there is.”

Gosling on the iPad (13:20):  “We built this really neat little handheld in 1992. It was extrodinarily cool for its day. It had an LCD touchscreen. It had a fairly wicked processor on it. It had a very early version of 802.11. Some of the engineers that had built that phone were deeply involved in the iPad. So in an odd sorta twist of fate, the iPad is kind of an evolution of it.”

Gosling on getting The Order of Canada (at 9:00) : “If only Canada were Britian, I’d be Sir James. But Canada doesn’t do the ‘Sir’ thing, so I escaped that particular indignity.”

Basementcoders.com – The Interview with James Gosling