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What you consider is a challenge, I term insolence.

Using different means to achieve similar results does not make it different.

If you’re harsh with others, be equally harsh with yourself.

If you refuse to correct yourself, someone else will correct you and how!

When the folks you don’t like start to do the things you tell them to do,either they have installed you as God or they know you’re dead wrong!

Criticism is a microscope and you’re the germ!

You’ve got to remember that most criticism amplifies your faults and mutes your virtues.

Even the dead aren’t above criticism, what then absolves the living?

If you can’t tolerate it now, what makes you think you could tolerate it later?

Change is always good as long as the other guy is the one who changes!

When the blame game begins, it is a never ending circle.

Superstition and a half-baked education – what a potent mix. Always half way there. Always half measures.

The crowd always needs a scapegoat.

If your fun comes at someone else’s expense,then its not fun at all.

When existing technology restricts, its time to change or build the technology.