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The Lamborghini Murciélago is a 4WD that power...

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A promise is worth its weight in gold only when its kept.

Rome wasn’t built in a day but it sure got burnt in one.

If you expect a certain behaviour and propriety from others,they expect something similar from you.

Once you know the why,the how can always be figured out.

When it comes to walking the talk,you gotta remember that walking is slower than talking.

Nobody walks the plank voluntarily.

To go off the beaten path, you need a four wheel drive and tough tires.

When you talk down to people,make sure you’re on a pulpit. Literally or figuratively!

Walking in the footsteps of another is never easy. You may not be similarly equipped.

When at the crossroads you don’t switch the sign boards!

The animal sounds you make point to the animal in each one of us.

There is no reasoning with unreason.

If you intend to walk the tightrope do you really wish to do it in the dark?

The ones you laughed at are just waiting to laugh at you. You may have forgotten but they have not.