The End Of Sari?

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Air India intend to phase out the sari as the uniform of choice for their air-hostesses.

The salwar kameez will take its place;  stewardesses retain the option of  skirts and blouses instead.

The reasons given are that salwar kameezes are comfortable to move about in; not to mention easier to don as well.

The sari as a national dress is slowly dying across all spheres of the  Indian woman’s professional life.

It is the salwar kameez or formal tops and trousers that rule the roost. The skirt and blouse has taken a tumble.

Dresses are in a minuscule minority. It is the comfort and cool factor that pre-dominates.

Femininity is out! Androgynies rule!

Air India officials say that a final decision is yet to be taken. The economics of this drastic change have to be worked out.

Interestingly, British Airways, Biman , the Bangladeshi airline and Sri Lankan airlines will not retire this sartorial statement of sub-continental modesty.

Shall we say “So sari! Goodbye, Sari!”

Or label the move the slow death of sari? Or another nail in the coffin of sari?

Hell, we’re leery of sari!

To sari or not to sari is no longer the question , it seems!

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