How long?

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How long does it take you to pen one of your blog posts or articles?

If I’m starting from scratch i.e. with just an idea, it takes me a long time indeed!

The first cut or draft can easily take me three to four hours. And mind you, it’s just such a mess! I can barely bear to look at my handiwork.

Then begins the process of adding and subtracting, cutting out the extraneous words, adding the right (or the wrong ) adjectives, reducing duplications and correcting grammatical errors.

Quote of the day:
What’s on your mind, if you will allow the overstatement? – Fred Allen

When the ‘first final draft’ is ready ,I run it through’s proof reader. Once corrected there, my post is ready for posting or if not urgent, it remains a draft.

Then a couple of rested hours later, maybe more, begins the process of reviewing my ingenuity! A fresh pair of eyes -in this case, my own – can work wonders.

The final product will be ready only after I have thoroughly finessed the piece.

Sometimes, I get some help from the Bleacher Report editors. They are mostly interns doing a fine job wading through the feverish typos of frenzied minds.

All in all, it is quite satisfying especially since the final output bears very little resemblance to the initial rambling.

Sometimes, I have the luxury of ruminating over my piece while lolling around, often late in the night. Snippets are then keyed into my rickety little cell phone. Some of these ruminations can be hugely entertaining and mind-blowing.

This makes it so much easier when I do start work on the piece. Half the job’s already done then.

Typing is still a chore though!

How do you write your articles?