It takes just one Mumbai tech rat – Opinion – DNA

Tara Fitzgerald opened a can of worms by threatening to sue Dell this week over her shocking experience with a Mumbai tech rat.It turned out Dell techie Riyaz Shaikh downloaded nude pictures of the American caller during a tech-help request after she gave him remote access to her computer.Shaikh downloaded 16 pictures from Fitzgerald’s computer during the trans-Atlantic call to create a porn site Bitchtara.Oh, the creepy Mumbai techie also used Fitzgerald’s Dell credit card to send a $800 Valentine’s Day gift to a Tennessee woman he had chatted up on another call. How on earth does such tripe get past Dell when it records customer calls for training purposes?The Riyaz Shaikh incident is a wake-up call for India’s tech services industry. It has to purge sleazebags like Shaikh because one slimy techie can spook millions of trusting Americans desperate for tech support.

It takes just one Mumbai tech rat – Opinion – DNA

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