Great Leadership: Leadership Development: Executive Self-Assessment

What’s the #1 differentiator between companies that excel at succession planning and leadership development and those that simply “go through the motions”?It’s the ownership and commitment of the senior executive team. They believe in its strategic importance and treat it as a high priority. Without this, the typical reaction from every manager is likely to be “What’s the point? We go through the motions every year filling these forms out and nothing happens.”It not only becomes a demoralizing administrative time-waster, but when leadership positions need to be filled, we’re frustrated with the lack of qualified candidates. Of course, there’s also the frustration of our high potentials regarding lack of feedback, coaching, development opportunities, and any meaningful interest and involvement from their managers.The message is clear (pick one):1. Your development is not important to me; it’s not worth the expense or time.2. I don’t think you have the capacity to grow and change so why bother.3. You’re a manager – suck it up- you’re on your own when it comes to development.

Great Leadership: Leadership Development: Executive Self-Assessment

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