Love , sex , lust, passion, gossip slakes man’s craving for sensationalism, an appetite for titillation, a need not stated in polite society but nonetheless very real as evidenced by  burgeoning sales of trash novels, lurid tabloids and gossip magazines. Prevarications can’t mask this truth. Veracity is, however, the forgotten cousin of salacity.

Quote of the day:
When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion. – C. P. Snow


Explanations, clarifications and corroborations are rarely sought, denials are not to be put faith in.. and the right to privacy is not to be acknowledged by any means. It is a nice piece of fiction. Disruptions and interjections are to rule the roost, day and night!

Voyeurism is to be celebrated and everything is black and white—just like in the Hitchcock classic, Rear Window.

The advent of reality TV has blurred, nay obliterated the barriers between private and public domains. Your life is my entertainment, not that it hasn’t been so since the dawn of time but now it’s on display and at a much more visceral level.

Being a celebrity has always carried a heavy price tag (ask Lady Di!), but those are the hazards of fame & fortune. But with the enthusiastic throwing open of  curtains into everyperson’s life, the prize for 15 minutes of fame or notoriety is rarely worth it. Is it? Is your life to be judged by television TRPs? Living life in the fast lane and gorging on fast food is one thing; your life as a blur while channel surfing is quite another! Your life, words and acts disgorged via satellite and digital television to be analysed by telly box addicts; your nice sanitised life is no longer an escape from the logjam of work and more work. Your life is now work to be dramatised and enhanced to satisfy crass commercial considerations. Your life is no longer yours but a pathetic simulation of the expectations of the TV network and it’s viewers.

All the world’s an audience and you are but a mere player! So what gives?

The disassembling of one’s life for public consumption, the unkind scrutiny of immature public opinion, a farce lived in the public eye. That’s my definition of a TV reality show. What’s yours?

Does this warrant a continual…???