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Alex Stanhope, Technology Strategy Board

Alex Stanhope, Technology Strategy Board (Photo credit: Creative Industries KTN)

Like everybody, from time to time, we order pizza for a friday night movie. We were in the habit of ordering from pizza hut because my wife likes the crust and I like the chicken wings. But one night we decided to try something new. Yes I am aware that going to another major pizza chain does not constitute ‘new’ per se. Anyway we got on the dominos website. As we were ordering we were reasonably impressed with the pizza ordering features which were easy to use and clear. There were a lot of cool gizmos and having created dozens of online stores in my career I was impressed with things like the upsell capability and the coupon integration (those are tremendously hard to keep track of and current).And while all of that was a reasonable sound and good technology strategy, it wasnt until we got to the order status component that the Domino’s architects really hit it out of the park. Take a look.


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