Wimbledon Finals: A Preview

LONDON, July 3, 2010 Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrates his victory after his semi-final of men's singles against Andy Murray of Britain in the 2010 Wimbledon Championships in London, Britain, July 2, 2010. Nadal won 3-0 to enter the final.

So, it’s final!

The last men and women standing at Wimbledon are Serena & Vera, Tomas & Rafael.

11 days of tennis and the draw has whittled down to these 4 contenders for the throne at the green lawns at SW18.

Could it have gotten any better than this?

Of course, we will miss Federer and his balletic grace on the tennis court. We have grown so used to having his majestic presence adorn Wimbledon that his absence seems like blasphemy. But if it is blasphemy, then what do we make of the stronger, fitter and wiser Nadal whose game, presence and speed makes us forget , at least for a while, that Federer was God?

Quote of the day:
We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like? – Jean Cocteau

This Spanish bull, now in his prime, with his pomp and splendor sometimes  makes us wish that he had a matador to tame him. But this raging bull has no opponent who could cut him down. And beating Nadal will take a matador’s skills; not just one cut but multiple cuts that slow, weaken and bleed him until he is too tired to run, to slide, to vie.

Can Tomas Berdych ,who has burst through the ranks much like Soderling last year, knock out the 2008 champion? I wonder.

Nadal is unlikely to look a gift horse in the mouth. And Wimbledon ,without Federer, is just that! Get ready to crown Nadal king of Wimbledon once more! He is no pretender! Can he be the next emperor? Seven Grand Slam titles and still counting. Only the US Open eludes his grasp. Comparisons to Borg will appear odious once he wins this title. Can Nadal do an Agassi and perhaps surpass him?

Serena has been sublime this year on the way to the final. Her 13th title seems a mere formality.

Can Vera knock the stuffing out of this peahen? And that will take some doing!

But this might be Vera’s best chance because she has displayed immense self-belief and confidence to get this far. Can she cross the final barrier?

It is Vera’s first ever Grand Slam final. Will the occasion overwhelm her? She can draw inspiration from the young Sharapova who showed no such nerves on her maiden Grand Slam final appearance and after demolishing Serena, cool as a cucumber, answered her cell phone on centre court.

The Russians have gone full tilt at the pinnacle of women’s tennis. But the returns in terms of Grand Slam titles have still to show. Sure there has been a Kuznetsova, a Sharapova and even a Myskina but for most part it’s been the pair of Williams and the Belgians, Clijsters and Henin standing in their way.

Will this showcase a turnaround in Russian fortunes? The talent exists and just needs to be translated into Grand Slam fortune.

Who knows? But for now, let’s just sit back and enjoy some mouth-watering,sumptuous tennis!