I  received an email from the director of the management institute from which I graduated.

It addresses rumors about the quality of the school’s education.

Now, when it comes to rumors, at the personal level, the best reaction is to scoff at them.

Rebuttal is necessary only when a semblance of proof of the allegations  is provided.

Publishing the letter as-is:


Dear students and alumni,

As you know the rumor mill in Cyprus is alive and well and these days it works overtime spreading the most incredible and unfounded rumors about people and institutions. At CIIM, as a matter of principle we ignore such rumors and focus on providing the best management education possible to the hundreds of students and executives who choose CIIM for their personal and professional development. However, lately there is an organized campaign of malicious rumors against CIIM which we have traced to some of our least-principled competitors who would stop at nothing short of spreading outright lies to damage CIIM’s reputation and benefit themselves. Our first inclination was to ignore them, as we have always done, but we owe it to you to dispel any concerns that these malicious rumors may have raised.

CIIM is doing very well, indeed, but you can judge for yourselves. Consider the following recognitions and distinction won recently:

  • CIIM won national re-accreditation for its MBA and MPSM programs from SEKAP/ KYSATS for 10 years
  • CIIM won accreditation by SEKAP/ KYSATS for its MScs in Human Resource Management and Educational Leadership
  • CIIM won international re-accreditation for its MBA and MPSM programs from AMBA
  • CIIM won international re-accreditation of our MBA and MPSM programs  from EPAS
  • CIIM ranked  16th in Europe by TopMBA,
  • CIIM was voted as “Excellent Business Schools, Nationally Strong with Continental Links”  by 4000 Deans worldwide  and was granted the “THREE PALMS DISTINCTION” by Eduniversal’s  International Scientific Committee 

CIIM continues to this date to be the only educational institution in Cyprus with internationally accredited MBA and MPSM programs. It is precisely this international distinction and reputation for excellence of CIIM that our competitors cannot match, that the circulating malicious rumors aim to diminish, quite unsuccessfully.

Being free from both bureaucracy and the profit motive CIIM has been able to weather the economic crisis and emerge stronger and more resilient organizationally, financially and academically. Student recruitment numbers are up well above our targets and projections despite the fact that, alone among the MBAs in Cyprus, we require a minimum of three years of post-bachelor relevant work experience.

Our finances are exceeding our targets registering a sizable surplus which we invest in further upgrading of our programmes and in building a financial cushion for the future. .

CIIM is well positioned to continue pursuing its public mission of elevating the levels of private and public sector management and leadership to the highest international standards. This is why we are in the process of engaging additional resident and visiting faculty to deliver the newly renewed and further upgraded programs as well as investing in new delivery methods. We are so confident about CIIM’s value creation and future prospects that we are steadily toughening the admissions requirements.

Rest assured that CIIM will continue to succeed and thrive during the next 20 years, as it has during the past 20, reaching new and higher levels of recognition at home and abroad to the disappointment of those who chose to compete through rumors instead of educational excellence. CIIM has a lot more to contribute to Cyprus, the region and beyond and looks towards the future with confidence and vision. We are very proud that you are a part of the School’s heritage and its future. Let the jealousy of the rumor spreaders, who have not had the privilege to share the CIIM experience, be one more reaffirmation of the School’s uniqueness and bright future.

The faculty, the management and the staff of CIIM wish you a pleasant summer and a much deserved vacation.

Best wishes