Asian cricket blues!

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The inability or unwillingness of the BCCI to field an Indian cricket team for the Chinese Asian Games has been greeted with widespread consternation by the Indian public or so the media channels would have us believe. I , for one, am not of the view that India needs to field their best team for the Asian Games and thus the BCCI could have been somewhat more diplomatic and said yes to fielding a second string team like they have for the tri-series in Zimbabwe. Besides apart from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, no other teams of cricketing note will be there! And surely, the Indian cricket team cannot do worse than their performance at the World T20!

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But it seems that other factors than a busy schedule are at play. Our prima donna superstars would be subject to WADA rules if they were to participate in the Asian Games and that would be the supreme insult to their right to privacy. So the BCCI shields their players under the guise of having made far too many commitments. Remember, this is the same BCCI that went to court claiming that the Indian cricket team was a private entity and did not carry the hopes and aspirations of over a billion Indians!

Even if the BCCI relents and decides to field a team  “in the national interest”, I would advocate that it be up to every individual cricketer to decide whether he wishes to rub shoulders with the “lesser lights” of the Asian sporting world much less share lodging and food with them in a convivial environment.  After all, the NBA superstars too have right of refusal and refrain from representing the USA at the Olympics. Their ‘Dream Team’ is rarely the stuff of dreams.

As most professionals in sport anywhere in the world will testify, representing one’s country is just not done anymore! And gratis too! Surely, they joke!

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