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Karl Jo Seilern and Anton Waldburg, managing partners of, seem to be swimming against the currents in the ever turbulent waters that are the publishing industry. While most print publications are moving more and more content online in order to reach an increasingly tech-savvy, internet-based and mobile readership, Seilern and Waldburg are taking blog content offline in the blogpaper–the UK’s first completely user-generated, free newspaper.When I asked the duo what the rationale was behind taking blog content offline and into print form, Waldburg told me it is simply a way to “fully satisfy the needs of a young readership.” Readers can access the blogpaper’s content online, but having a print edition gives readers another format choice and extends the reach of the blogger past online consumers to those who prefer a more traditional reader experience. They may have a good point here. Even I–someone who reads most everything online–prefer reading a magazine or a newspaper when traveling rather than browsing content via my iPhone. And, as I think many other guys might attest to, there’s something about the tactile and olfactory experience of holding a paper or magazine in your hands while enjoying some alone time in the bathroom that a mobile device just can’t replace.

The Blogpaper, Moving Blogs Into Print // Community

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