Being A Good Neighbor Is…

Being a good neighbor is…

1> Turning on the television to the same channel your neighbor is watching and yelling out the subtitles as loudly as possible and preferably from the direction of the television set. If he’s not zapped by the box, you’ll do the zapping!

2>Make not-so-funny weird, threatening sounds when he/she is seated at the table in front of the PC or laptop ; if he doesn’t make typing errors , you’ll force him/her to!

Quote of the day:
I’m not worried about the bullet with my name on it… just the thousands out there marked ‘Occupant.’ – Unknown

3> Do not allow him/her to be a law-abiding citizen in his/her house by disturbing him/her throughout the day and night, and shadowing him/her everywhere with not-so-funny weird, threatening sounds right from the toilet to the bathroom to the kitchen. If she/he doesn’t pee well, he/she will pee now! Also make very noisy threatening sounds when your neighbor opens and shuts any doors and/or windows. Also interrupt and eavesdrop on any telephone calls your neighbor may receive or make. In addition,do the same whenever your neighbor is otherwise peaceably engaged in reading a book or newspapers.Ensure that all these sounds are directed in the direction of the victim’s ears.Maximize the effect!

4> Pretend to be unaware of any such goings-on when confronted and insouciantly reply that what each person does in their own house is their own business and no one else’s.

If you can think of any other ways , you can be a good neighbor, don’t hesitate to write me.

Have a great day!