Managing Your Personal Information Environment

Attributes of people who consider themselves to be highly proficient at managing their own personal information , both at work and at home.

1> They avoided gadgets.

Most find a few key tools and stuck to them. Most are universally conservative in adopting new tools.

Quote of the day:
All is in the hands of man. Therefore wash them often. – Stanislaw J. Lec

2> They limited the no. of separate devices.

Most used just one or two devices.Usually a laptop and a smart phone to manage their information.

3> They invested effort in organizing information.

This could be as simple as lists, files and folders.

4> They weren’t missionaries.

Very few proselytized their information savvy skills.

5> They got help.

Very few purported to be experts at using and organizing their information and devices. They learnt.

6> They used assistants – to some degree.

Some degree of administrative support is needed.

7> They weren’t doctrinaire about paper versus electronic approaches.

Most used a mix of both – digital and paper mediums. What works best for you is what’s good for you.

8> They decided what information was most important to them and organized it particularly well.

9> They use lists.

10> They adapt the use of tools and approaches to the work situation at a given time.

Context and environment are equally important.


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