Having a niche is not limiting yourself « Appletree Marketing ideas for successful businesses

They do exactly what they say on the tin. They supply and fit just tyres. Because they are so focused on one aspect of the market, they were able to efficiently collect payment online, allow us to select the tyre we needed, immediately source said tyre, have it ready for me at my convenience, wait for me to get there through the terrible afternoon traffic, quickly strip the old tyre from the axil, and replace the new tyre at lightening speed.No fuss, prompt delivery, efficient processes and excellent customer service. There wasn’t anything else to clutter up their performance. Their focus on delivering one product as best as they could in as efficient manner as possible was paramount. Now if their marketing was better they could become the top of their industry, outstripping their competitors through product, process and eventually price, not to mention convenience (a highly neglected factor many businesses choose to ignore).Excellent service in just one niche will enable you to increase your efficiency, status, expertise, credibility, trustworthiness, relationship with customers, perfect your processes, maintain your reputation – whereas an outfit that offers everything under the sun is bound to suffer, since where is their focus?

Having a niche is not limiting yourself « Appletree Marketing ideas for successful businesses

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