Hiring for a project team « Change: Programmes, Projects, Processes

So are you building the resource pool and should you talk about the role as a step towards a long-term future? Or discuss the role as just a job for a number of months?Do you want to hire people who can perform as if the organisation is the one you want it to be and through that behaviour help the rest of the team get there? Do they have the leadership qualities to do that or will they just frustrate their peers?How many times have you seen an average football player known for playing one position become something special because of a change in position by a great coach? Is the candidate truly a one job person or have they been type-cast through chance and their work history? Look at the whole person: how long would you want to keep them? Will the project leave them behind at the next major milestone? Will they adapt for the next phase? Will their other skills come into play? How will you give them career development or are you prepared to take the risk that a good candidate may stagnate because you can’t?If you hire someone into a role without working out these expectations (and letting them know) the fit will not be good, it will cause frustration in the team and for them. It may even derail the project.

Hiring for a project team « Change: Programmes, Projects, Processes

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